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Love, Dating and Relationship Blog Post Ideas (22,626 Topics)

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Wow, love sure is complex! I’ve always been intrigued by the countless aspects of love and relationships. And with technology changing how we date and connect, things got much more interesting. So, I decided to dive deep. I’ve scoured through resources, and with the help of Topicfinder, I’ve compiled a whopping list of 22,626 free topics, all about love, dating, and everything in between!

From figuring out why an ex blocked you on Facebook to mastering the art of seduction, I’ve covered blog topics on them all. Are you curious about how to talk to an ex or what to do when someone won’t commit? Or are you looking for beauty tips? 

Whether you’re hunting for advice, writing inspiration, or just some fun reading, I’ve got a topic for you. Dive in, and let’s explore love, dating, beauty, and more together!

Title URL Domain Traffic DA
How Much Does Couples Counseling Cost? 91 20
140 Inspiring Long Distance Relationship Quotes for Every Mood 90 49
Play "Twenty Questions" With Your Partner 89 48
34 Best Inspirational Relationship Quotes on the Internet 83 38
How to Seduce a Younger Man: What You Need to Know! 83 12
Therapists Share How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work 81 46
The 5 Relationship Stages 79 27
Differences Between Men and Women 74 35
Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues 73 15
How to Date a Nerdy Guy 73 19
How to Get Over a Relationship Breakup 72 64
75 Ideas for Spicing Up Your Sex Life 72 20
57 Great Couple Therapy Questions for Your Next Session 70 33
I Know That I Know Nothing 68 19
Why Life Is Painful, and Why Do They Say Life Is Suffering? 68 21
12 Very Common Examples of Trauma 61 14
Raised by a Critical Parent? How It Impacts Adult Relationships 54 18
8 Signs Your Relationship Is Over or Beyond Repair 50 40
Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 Review 50 2
50 Meaningful Love Song Lyrics About Love That Will Melt Your Heart 49 31
Anniversary Gifts by Year List for Traditional Celebrations 48 42
Orgasms 101: Male vs. Female 48 45
Sexual Mastery: 5 Steps to Become an Unforgettable Lover 47 40
10 Playful Teases That Women Secretly Love 47 42
Here's What to Do When Your Wife Cheats on You 46 45
Can I Go to Marriage Counseling Alone? - Couples Counseling Associates 46 24
11 Ways to Stop Obsessing Over an Ex-Partner After a Breakup - Love Addiction Treatment 45 24
Don't Trust Men? Here's What You're Missing 44 36
What Is Teenage Angst & When to Be Concerned From a Psychologist Who Knows 43 42
Paula's Choice BHA Exfoliant Review: Chemical Exfoliator for Oily Skin 43 20
How to Hide Money From a Spouse Legally 43 27
Emotional Neglect 43 28
Sensual and Mildly Erotic Poems 42 5
Why I Love You: 20 Best Poems About the Reasons I Love You 40 21
The Challenges of Coming Out in Your 30s and 40s 40 12
Top 12 Best Silicone-Based Primers for Deep Wrinkles, Acne Scars, & Large Pores (Oily & Dry Skin) 39 41
52 Hot AF Sex Poems to Get You in the Mood Tonight 39 25
Female Ejaculation (Squirting) & How to Make Your Wife Squirt (2023 Edition) 38 32
50+ Actually Good Pick Up Lines That Always Work 38 45
10 Sexual Poetry You'd Want to Read 37 22
Power Plate: The Results 37 53
Am I With an Emotionally Unavailable Man? 37 35
Denver Couples Counseling 37 16
The Relationship Inventory - What It Is, and Why You Should Write One - Brian C. Dunn 37 8
10 Greatest Love Poems Ever Written 37 46
10 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life in a Long Term Relationship 37 23
Punish Your Wife or Husband the Right Way 37 32
Porn Addiction Counseling Near Me 37 33
25 Passionate Texts to Send to Your Spouse 36 48
The Top Perfumes That Turn Men On 36 32
Best Maison Margiela Replica Fragrance (I've Tried All of Them) 35 35
When Sharing Is Scaring: How to Deal With Your Partner's Sexual Past 35 38
How to Ride Dick to Drive Him Wild 34 42 Community Forums 34 43
How to Roleplay With a Girl Over Text 33 26
How to Seduce a Man & Drive Him Crazy 33 41
The 5 Love Languages and What They Mean 33 48
139+ Ways to Tell a Girl You Like Her Over Text +Tips! 32 16
Issues I Face: What Men Want in a Relationship 32 44
Alphabetical Listing of Psychological Disorders & Mental Illness 32 33
Borderline Personality Disorder Test: Free Online BPD Test 31 45
Relationship Quizzes 31 41
"Does He Like Me?" Free Quiz Tool Calculates Your Chance With Any Guy 31 35
Types of Polyamorous Relationships: 8 Great Ones to Know 31 34
I Think You're Beautiful Poems 30 28
What Is My Ruling Planet, According to the Zodiac, and What Does It Mean for Me? 29 78
24 Hot and Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life - Brian C. Dunn 29 8
Sexual Addiction Lust 29 22
Dr. Martens Does Chelsea Boots - Here's How to Style Them for Summer 29 35
My Wife Loves Me but Doesn't Desire Me 29 29
Couples Retreats NY Best Marriage Retreat in New York 2023 29 42
Overcoming "Good Girl Syndrome"- How Sexual Guilt Is Getting in the Way of Your Sex Life 29 18
How to Make a Girl Horny in 3 Easy Steps (Pictures) 29 29
Couples Therapy & Counseling New York City Marriage Counselor & Therapist New York 28 30
Couples Question Game: 150+ Fun Questions to Ask Your Partner 28 30
"I Hear You" - 1 Bestselling, Award 28 29
How to Communicate With a Man That Won't Communicate 28 9
Deal Breakers in a Relationship 28 28
Beauty Is Pain Quotes 28 25
7 Poems on Love by Maya Angelou: Capturing the Full Range of Emotion 27 10
56+ Dirty, Erotic and Sexy Text Messages to Make Him Hard on Demand 27 42
Should I Send a Dick Pic? 26 18
How Do You Deal With Feeling Hurt in a Relationship 26 27
Attachment Style Quiz 26 41
Q&A: How Can We Have Sex When Kids Are in the House? 25 49
Common Profile Characteristics of a Pedophile 25 33
What Are the Signs and Symptoms of High-Functioning Depression? 25 50
Borderline Personality Disorder in Men 25 36
7 Healthy Ways to Put Your Relationship First 25 27
What Does It Mean to Resent Someone? 25 9
Affair Recovery How to Get Over Cheating 24 42
Acts of Service Explained - The 5 Love Languages 24 48
Top 100 Reasons Why I Love You Quotes 24 18
What Is the Grey Rock Method? 24 42
5 Ancient Egyptian Queens Who Shape History 24 79
7 Proven Tips to Attract Any Girl 24 58
50 Self-Care Ideas for a Bad Day 24 33
Black Sheep of the Family: Meaning and 4 Ways to Cope 23 37
Common Counseling Questions 23 18
Sex Tips for Mature Couples: Sex After Sixty - Sacramento Relationship Therapy Midtown Therapists 23 21
Title URL Domain Traffic DA

These topics are separated into nine categories: 

  • First Date
  • Relationship
  • General Dating
  • Online Dating
  • Marriage
  • Love
  • Personal
  • Self-Love
  • Gifts

For some blog post ideas, I’ll provide you with a brief blurb on where you could consider taking the topic. This is to help get your creative juices flowing. However, feel free to make it your own by making changes and tweaking it to fit your blog’s style. 

For other blog post ideas, I’ll give you the title idea and let you decide on the content. Under each subtopic, we’ll give you some helpful tips as well!

1. First Date Blog Post Ideas

Blog posts pertaining to first dates are an effective way to connect with readers who aren’t currently in relationships and may have limited dating experience. 

When writing these types of blog posts, you want to emphasize the fact that it’s perfectly fine to feel nervous, but by having a plan in place, the reader will feel more comfortable. 

Even in posts that are about things to avoid, you want to spin it in a positive way. For example, by avoiding invasive questions on a first date, your date will feel relaxed and enjoy themselves more. Rather than catastrophize–if you don’t avoid this topic, you’ll ruin your date – give them an idea of how best to approach a first date in a positive light. 

Keep in mind that most people seeking out advice on first dates are most likely either young, inexperienced or have had a lot of bad luck dating. This means that you should spell out what might seem obvious to you. Give your readers the most guidance you can.

2. Relationship Blog Post Ideas

Relationships are tough, and many people struggle to maintain them healthily (even if they think they are doing a good job).

In this niche, you’ll always want to focus on healthy behaviors in a relationship. Reinforce that relationships take work. Communicate that relationships don’t always work out. Highlight that there are a lot of things one can control in a relationship, but that there are a lot of things out of one’s control. 

In addition to healthy behaviors, there’s plenty of room to write about date ideas, topics that should be discussed, and situations that arise in most relationships. 

When writing in this niche, it’s perfectly fine to add personal details from your own life, but try to keep the focus on the reader as much as possible. 

Many of these blog post ideas about relationships are also applicable to marriages. In that case, you want to write to a target audience of married couples rather than simply couples in a committed relationship. 

3. General Dating Blog Post Ideas

The fun part of the love, relationships, and dating niche is that there’s a lot of room to dive deep into different subtopics. People who are past the stage of first dates (but aren’t in a long-term relationship yet) are seeking out general dating advice. 

When writing on the subtopic of general dating, it’s all about focusing on great date ideas, how to date when you’re a single parent, or how to mesh date ideas with your personality type. 

Always focus on the fact that dating should be fun and comfortable, no matter someone’s situation or personality. As previously stated, shift the focus to the positive rather than the negative. 

Many of these topics also apply to those in long-term relationships or who are already married. In that case, you’ll want to shift the target audience from those seeking general advice to those seeking tailored advice for married or long-term couples. 

4. Online Dating Blog Post Ideas

Online dating is a harsh world at times. When writing about this subtopic, give your readers a plan. Help them navigate this difficult activity in a strategic way. 

A lot of the topics on our list are centered around dating profiles. One could argue that without a great profile, the chances of receiving matches are slim to none. That means that you, as a blogger, need to help your readers showcase the best version of themselves. 

In addition to profiles, communicating online is a whole different ball game than communicating in person. Small miscommunications happen more frequently via text conversations versus in-person or phone conversations. It’s your job to help your readers mitigate the chances of that happening.

Finally, always feel free to talk about the best dating apps or which apps are used more for certain types of dating. For example, a casual dater probably won’t have much luck on a paid matchmaking website, and someone seeking a long-term relationship might struggle on an app where you swipe right or left. 

5. Marriage Blog Post Ideas

Marriage is a tall order. It’s the biggest commitment one can make in a relationship. With it comes a lot of situations that people must learn to navigate on the fly. 

As a blogger, it’s your job to help them navigate these situations with effective solutions and a solid plan. Once again, you want to spin these posts in a positive light. For example, avoid making it sound like their marriage is over because they need counseling. 

When writing on the subject of marriage, you want your reader to feel at ease. You want them to consider your advice and understand that most of the situations that come up are not unique to them. They should understand that these situations are perfectly normal for any marriage. 

Another aspect of this topic is helping your readers keep their marriage fun. A lot of the date ideas or relationship blog posts are also applicable to this subtopic. No one wants to feel bored with their marriage. Help your readers spice things up with fun date ideas or renew their vows. 

6. Love Blog Post Ideas

Not only is this niche about dating and relationships, but it’s also about love. 

Writing about love can mean a number of things. For example, it might mean identifying one’s soulmate. Or, it might mean deciding when to say I love you for the first time. No matter the topic, you want your readers to feel warm and fuzzy about the topic. 

Now, there are also more negative topics you can write about. For example, how to know when someone isn’t your soulmate. In this instance, you want to describe how they can tell but also reinforce that it doesn’t mean their soulmate isn’t right around the corner. Keep it positive, fun, and light. 

7. Personal Blog Post Ideas

At the beginning of this article, we talked about how this niche isn’t necessarily about you, the blogger. That’s very true. However, there are certain situations where making your blog post personal is a good idea. 

Personal blog posts help readers realize that situations occurring to them are not unique. That other people have encountered them and were able to move forward from them. 

When writing these types of posts, it’s perfectly fine to tell your story. However, make sure you’re still including strategies, advice, or general information that helps your reader. Avoid simply recounting your story. 

For example, if you’re writing a story about how you got back into dating, describe all the steps you took. Include strategic anecdotes or link-related content from your blog throughout the post. This gives the reader an idea of how to make their own plan. 

8. Self-Love Blog Post Ideas

Besides loving someone else, self-love is an important part of this niche. As the old saying goes, “You can’t love someone else until you love yourself.”

When writing these types of posts, focus more on the reader than yourself. However, this is a great area to include some personal anecdotes. 

Your main focus here is to give the reader strategies or advice on loving themselves more than they currently do. Try to narrow in on the importance of self-love, both for the reader and in the context of developing healthier relationships. 

9. Gift Idea Blog Post Ideas

Who doesn’t love a great gift? Writing blog posts about gift ideas is a fun way to break up the sometimes serious nature of this niche. Also, they make great seasonal posts depending on the occasion. 

When writing these posts, get fun and creative. Talk about gifts that you’ve received, good and bad. Talk about how certain gifts can symbolize certain things. 

In these posts, not only should you recommend gift ideas, but also discuss how your readers can think of gift ideas on their own. If none of the recommended gift ideas are useful for your readers, giving them that advice can let them not leave the article empty-handed. 

Final Thoughts On Love, Relationships, And Dating Blog Post Ideas

Wow, we’ve covered a lot in this article. From first-date advice to gifts, there are blog posts for every subtopic of the love, relationships, and dating niche. 

As you look through our list, write down the ideas that stand out the most. Then, create a second-tiered list of ideas that could work but might need some tweaking. 

The main goal of our article is to help you get unstuck in the brainstorming process. Feel free to take our topics as is or make them their own. 

As noted, some of these topics work well in several different subtopics. In addition, some could also be combined with other ideas on our list. Do as you wish, and remember, give your readers the most value with your posts.  


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