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Credit System

Topicfinder operates using a credit-based system, where each competitor search costs 1 credit.

This credit expenditure provides the top 100 pages from a chosen competitor, along with SEO statistics and additional information for each page.

For example, a 50-credit report will typically yield at least 5,000 individual results, each with their own unique stats.

Daily Credit System

Topicfinder’s credits are replenished daily at midnight Eastern Time.

For instance, if you’re subscribed to a plan with 100 daily credits, and you utilize all of them by 11:00 PM, your balance would read 0/100 credits. However, your balance will return to 100/100 credits in an hour, at midnight.

We opted for a daily credit system over a monthly one for several reasons:

  • Stability: We aim to provide a consistently fast and reliable service to thousands of users, even amidst concurrent report generation. Predicting credit usage and maintaining steady performance throughout the month is difficult with monthly limits.
  • API rate limits: Some of our API partners impose rate limits, constraining the number of data requests per second or per day. Offering large monthly limit plans could overburden these limits due to a few large customers requesting numerous extensive reports simultaneously.
  • Budgeting: Managing a daily credit allocation is less stressful than a monthly one. Even if you use up all your credits on a single day’s report, your balance replenishes the following day. This way, you can track your credit usage easily and always know your available credits for the next day.

Note: Please refresh the page or log back into Topicfinder if your credits do not reset after midnight. This will update your session and display the correct credit balance.

Generating Reports (Find Competitors)

Initiating a new report costs 2 credits, which covers the competitors pulled from your primary and secondary domains (1 credit each).

Find Competitors

For example, if you wish to use 50 credits for a report, requesting data from two domains costs 2 credits, then setting a competitor limit to 48 would total 50 credits for that report. Each new data request from different competitors costs 2 credits.

If you are dissatisfied with the competitors identified or want to fetch data from alternative sites, you can cancel the current report and initiate a new one with the desired domains.

Pricing Plans

We structure our pricing plans based on your daily credit requirement:

  • Starter: 100 credits/day or approximately 3,000 topics/day
  • Business: 500 credits/day or approximately 15,000 topics/day
  • Agency: 1,000 credits/day or approximately 30,000 topics/day

You can switch plans whenever necessary.

We generally recommend starting with the “Starter” plan, using credits as required.

Larger organizations, agencies, or marketers managing multiple websites might need to subscribe to a larger plan. Similarly, if you have a team with several users, you might quickly deplete your credits and need a multi-user plan.

Custom Credit Plans

Although we do not currently offer custom credit plans, we can potentially accommodate special requests or larger credit requirements than our Agency plan provides. If you need such services, please reach out to us, and we will explore how we can assist you.

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